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Introducing the FIDENTIS 3D Face Database



Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Anthropological Review
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Faculty of Science

Keywords face database; face processing; reference datasets; European population
Description Face databases have assumed an important role in a variety of clinical and applied research domains. However, the number of datasets accessible to the scientific community is limited and the knowledge of their existence may be concealed from a wider range of specialists. In the present paper we introduce a sizeable dataset of 3D facial scans – FIDENTIS 3D Face Database (F3D-FD or FIDENTIS Database), which is accompanied by basic demographic and descriptive data. The database is structured according to recorded subjects, and comprises single-scan entries as well as a smaller number of multiscan entries. The multi-scan entries vary in the time passed between recording sessions and in the devices employed to collect the 3D data. The total number of 2476 individuals puts our database within the category of large-scale databases. The 3D scans are accessible through a web-based interface at www. A licensed version of the database is available to interested parties upon signing a license agreement. Because of its varied composition, and low target-specificity the database has capacity to be of great assistance for the worldwide research community.
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