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Naturalizace v České republice

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Title in English Naturalisation in the Czech Republic


Year of publication 2018
Type Monograph
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Description International law is based on the fact that each state itself determines who its state citizens are. Who, however, is the actual sovereign body ruling on this matter in the Czech Republic? What role do our international obligations play? And how does the naturalisation of foreigners actually take place in the Czech Republic? This book endeavours to offer an answer to the questions outlined above. It is based on an analysis of more than 1,600 negative decisions by the Ministry of the Interior and the Minister of the Interior on applications for the conferral of state citizenship of the Czech Republic issued in the years 2013–2016. In view of the fact that the entirely new Act 186/2013 Sb. on state citizenship of the Czech Republic came into effect on 1 January 2014, this timing also made it possible to compare the new legislation with the former legislation. The book also presents an analysis of the institute of state citizenship in various historical epochs and contexts. An understanding of the importance of state citizenship for a given individual may be a gateway to an answer to the question that this book unwittingly asks each reader – whether the rules of naturalisation in the Czech Republic are appropriate. This is, however, ultimately a matter of the values of the individual, and this publication makes no claim to provide a single right answer. It endeavours rather to present the reader with information about how the process of conferral of state citizenship actually takes place in the Czech Republic, i.e. to provide exactly the kind of information that has, to all intents and purposes, remained hidden from the general public. All the decisions analysed are available in anonymised form at, so the professional public can verify the conclusions presented in this publication.
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