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Infulence of glucose 3-O-methylation on binding properties towards PLL2 lectin

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Year of publication 2019
Type Conference abstract
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Description In protein-sugar interaction, the sugar OH groups are generally considered as the main interacting groups participating in ligand binding via hydrogen bonds. However, recent findings demonstrate the importance of non-polar interactions, such as CH-PI interactions between aromatic amino acids and apolar part of carbohydrate molecules. One of the modifications which increase the hydrophobicity of the molecule is O-methylation. O-methylation of sugars is an uncommon modification with not fully understood function. Recently, it was described as a pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP) recognized during innate immune response. In order to assess the role of O-methyl groups on sugar recognition, we determined a structure of bacterial lectin PLL2 in complex with d-glucose (d-Glc) or 3-O-methyl-d-glucose (3OMG), respectively .
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