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Podstata, ochrana a kontrola/dozor územní samosprávy

Title in English Nature, Protection and Control / Supervision of Local Government

KADEČKA Stanislav

Year of publication 2019
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Law

Description The paper presented in the block devoted primarily to the analysis of the system of controls of territorial self-governing units (processed by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic) first emphasized the nature (and the need for protection) of local self-government (as one of the indispensable foundations of a democratic rule of law) and subsequently critically commented current problems of controls, which are territorial self-governing units faced. The problem of the recent state lies not only in duplicity, but often in the multiplicity of controls. Moreover, in many cases, control bodies (controlling the same matter) come to different conclusions. This significantly complicates the position of local governments, which are not only administratively overburdened, but are sometimes not (and cannot be) able to comply with the various requirements of the control bodies.