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Brněnské implantační centrum: výsledky léčby jednostranné kochleární implantace u dospělých pacientů

Title in English The Brno Cochlear Implant Centre: The Treatment Outcomes of Unilateral Cochlear Implantations in Adults


Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Otorinolaryngologie a e foniatrie
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Faculty of Medicine

Keywords hearing loss; pure tone average; speech recognition threshold; unilateral chchlear implantation; efficacy of cochlear implantion
Description Pure tone threshold audiometry: pure tone average (PTA) preoperatively: 100,7+-11,0dB HL, postoperatively: 40,2+-8,4dB HL, mean pré and postoperative difference:60,6+-14,4dB HL;(p<0,01). Speech audiometry (SA): mean maximal speech recognition threshold preoperatively:9,2+-15,3%, pastoperatively:56,8+-19,0%, mean pre and postoperative difference: 47,4+-22,1%:(p<0,01). The evaluation of communication sklil according to Nottingham scale: grade 7 in 17 patients (23%), grade 6 in 27(36%), grade 3 in 17(23%), grade 4 in 9(12%), grade 3 in 3(4%) and grade 2 in 1(1%). The CI result breakdown by type of histora: group 1 (n=31): a group with slowly progressive hearing loss corrected by hearing aid: groupv 2 (n=25): a group with no hearing stimulation for more than 5 years: no significant difference in outcome was found in terms of PTA results and speech recognition:(p>0,05). The CI resulrbreakdown by age the time of operation: 3 groups: 1.<50 years, 3. >65 years: no significant difference in postoperative results was found regarding PTA and speech audiometry resuls:(p>0,05)