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Proč školství a jeho aktéři selhávají: Kognitivní krajiny a nacionalismus

Title in English Why School System and its Actors Fail: Cognitive Landscape and Nationalism

ŠÍP Radim

Year of publication 2019
Type Monograph
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Education

Description The monograph analyzes the state of not only Czech education. In the introduction, the author sets out his theoretical background (pragmatism, situational epistemology) and methodological tools and works with them (ideal type, style of thinking and action). It uses the bases and tools in the following three analyzes. In the first part, the author analyzes three essential discourses of contemporary pedagogy and points out their unproductivity. In the following chapter, it defines the role of philosophy as a critical tool in scientific disciplines. It then examines three approaches to pedagogical philosophy (the Patochka philosophy of education, the Lessmanian traditionalism and the fight against neoliberalism). The author here demonstrates that these approaches fail due to their traditional past orientation and inherent elitism. In the last - most important - part, the author explains the relation of modern education to nationalism. He uses pragmatism, phenomenology, and the latest findings of neurobiology and second-generation cognitive sciences to define the concept of cognitive landscape. The cognitive landscape is the environment in which only spontaneous and never-ending education and training can occur. Finally, it shows that the rationality of the institution of a modern public school systemically disintegrates the cognitive landscapes of its pupils. Thanks to this inherent setting, the institution is in a permanent crisis. In conclusion, based on the statements of the school education actors, the author sets out changes that will lead to leverage effects through which the process of transforming the school institution will begin.
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