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Analysis of chemical elements on surface enamel and localised enamel hypoplasia of human primary canines (LHPC) via EDX method in the Necropolis of Great Moravia in Znojmo-Hradiště (9th-10th Century, Czech Republic)



Year of publication 2019
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Description The present study aimed to analyse the chemical element content of the surface enamel and localised hypoplasia of the primary canine (LHPC( of the Slavic population from the 9th to the first half of the 10th century CE in the South Moravian burial ground of Znojmo-Hradiště. The chemical element content of the enamel was analysed via the EDX method. The incidence of LHPC is very high in this analysed collection in comparison with other Slavic populations. 45.59% individuals (n=31) displayed at least one hypoplastic defect on their canines. Most individuals were 2–5 years old and more than a quarter of them had multiple hypoplasia. The EDX analysis shows the average value of the Ca/P ratio in Spectrum 1 to be highest in teeth with unsolid enamel (LHPC), decreasing to Spectrum 2 and subsequently to Spectrum 3. The concentration of phosphor is increasing from Spectrum 1 to Spectrum 3. Magnesium was most commonly present in Spectrum 1, and less often in Spectrum 2 and Spectrum 3 in mean concentration 0.27 and 0.39 at.%. Values of Mg content rise to on average 0.63 at.% on the base of hypoplastic defects. In agreement with the findings of Robinson et al. (1981), this might mean a lower density of enamel in the place of a hypoplastic defect. However, this cannot be argued clearly, because the difference in concentration could have been caused by diagenetic processes over the time that the samples lay deposited in soil. Sodium is found in our collection of teeth about as often in all three spectra in an almost identical mean concentration (0.51, 0.46 and 0.56 at.%, respectively).

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