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Časová rezidua odečtů P vln ze severokorejské jaderné exploze z roku 2017 a jejich příspěvek k problematice nehomogenit litosféry ve střední Evropě

Title in English P-wave arrival time residuals from the 2017 North Korean nuclear zest and its contribution to the problems of lithospheric inhomogeneities in the Central Europe


Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku
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Faculty of Science

Keywords seismic monitoring; nuclear explosion; lithospheric inhomogeneities
Description Lateral inhomogeneities of the Earth‘s interior (crust and mantle) have significant influence on the arrival time of seismic signal detected by station in framework of seismic monitoring. Observed arrival times differ from values presumed on the basis of a homogeneous global velocity model, these differences are quantified by the arrival time residuals Tr. In this article, the effect of lateral inhomogeneities in Central Europe on detected P wave arrival times is demonstrated using seismic signal of the North Korean nuclear test (2017). magnitude mb of this explosion exceeded value 6 and this seismic event is extraordinarily appropriate for study of time residuals for its sharp beginning and high amplitude of its P wave signal. The arrival times are picked with high accuracy (less than 0.2 s) even in teleseismic epicentral distances, consequently the obtained time residuals more reliably reflect effects of velocity inhomogeneities in comparison to other seismic events. For the study of arrival time residuals in Central Europe, waveforms recorded by several hundreds of seismic stations were evaluated. Final picture of the time residuals distribution shows several regions with anomalous values of Tr, the western and northern regions of the Western Carpathians, the Pannonian Basin and the Eastern Alps are briefly discussed with regard to their possible origins. Given seismic monitoring in Central Europe (above all on the territory of the Czech Republic), significantly anomalous P wave arrival time residuals (exceeding value of 1 second) in the western part of the Western Carpathians are very important.

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