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Nová astronomie. Výbor z díla

Title in English New astronomy. Selections

KEPLER Johannes

Year of publication 2020
Type Monograph
Description Johann Kepler's book New Astronomy (1609) marked a fundamental turning point in the history of astronomy. The work was partly a defense of heliocentrism and at the same time it represented a completely new form of astronomy, which freed itself from some assumptions, which the previous astronomical tradition took for granted. Perhaps the most important innovation Kepler presented in this book was the introduction of an elliptical orbit of planets. Our volume contains only a brief selection of a very large and difficult work. We chose Kepler's comprehensive introduction to the book which was intended for common readers. We have also translated chapters 57 to 60, in which Kepler presents and demonstrates the key ideas of the work. We accompanied the translation with two comprehensive accompanying texts. In his study Daniel Špelda explains from a historical-philosophical point of view the key ideas contained in Kepler's introduction to New Astronomy. From the perspective of astronomy, Vladimír Štefl explains the procedure that led to the discovery and justification of the elliptical orbits of planets.
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