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Lidská práva v kontextu kulturní evoluce

Title in English Human Rights in Context of Cultural Evolution


Year of publication 2021
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Právník
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Faculty of Law

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Keywords naturalism; morality; cultural evolution; human rights; cooperation
Description Main aim of this paper is to present naturalistic theory of human rights, which shows that despite the fact that human rights can be seen as basic moral requirements they are society-dependent, which means they are connected to the society and its evolution. First part of this paper deals with the starting-point of this approach – what this naturalization means. I want to point out that it really does not mean that all the things and all issues can be reduced to physical or chemical properties and laws. The fact that we – human beings – have language also makes us discursive beings and we can build fantastic worlds to live in – as Peregrin points out. We do not have to live in the natural world as such, in the realm of nature where natural laws, e.g. physical, chemical, etc. are the only thing that matters, our world that we live in and which we build is also normative – realm of freedom – where there exist other rules which matters – and our freedom lies in the fact that we can obey but also disobey them. This is our ability which makes us different among other organisms and because of this our ability Darwinian evolution is not the only evolutionary process that plays the crucial role in our evolution, according to some philosophers and cognitive scientists there is also a process which they named cultural evolution. So, next part will be devoted to the concept of cultural evolution which might not be interesting just for cognitive scientists and philosophers but also for scientists who work in the field of social science, law and jurisprudence. This is caused by the fact that this theory works with rules and their place and function in society. In this part we will focus on the evolution of morality because as we will see human rights can be seen as basic moral requirements which are necessary for global cooperation.
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