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A study of the effects of column porosity on gradient separations of proteins



Year of publication 2007
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Journal of Chromatography A
Keywords porosity; monolithic columns; proteins; efficiency; gradient elution
Description The type of the stationary phase for reversed-phase liquid chromatography significantly affects the sample elution. Hydrodynamic properties, efficiency and gradient elution of proteins were investigated on five commercial C18 columns with wide-pore totally porous particles, with superficially porous layer particles, non-porous particles and a silica-based monolithic bed. The efficiency in the terms of reduced plate height is higher for low-molecular ethylbenzene than for proteins, but depends on the character of the pores in the individual columns tested. The superficially porous Poroshell and the non-porous Micra columns provide the best efficiency for proteins at high mobile phase flow rates, probably because of similar pore architecture in the stationary phase. The Zorbax column with similar pore architecture as the Poroshell active layer, i.e. narrow pore distribution of wider pores shows better efficiency than the packed column with narrow pores and broad pore distribution. The monolithic column shows lower efficiency for proteins at high flow rates, but it performs better than the broad-pore distribution totally porous particulate columns. Different pore architecture affects also the retention and selectivity for proteins on the individual columns. The retention times on all columns can be predicted using the model for reversed-phase gradient elution developed originally for low-molecular compounds. Consideration of the limited pore volume accessible to the biopolymers has negligible effect on the prediction of retention on the columns packed with non-porous or superficially porous particles, but improves the accuracy of the predicted data for the totally porous columns with broad pore distribution. (C) 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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