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Brněnský archiv příkladů dobré praxe: proč ne Metodika?

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Title in English Brno City archive of Good Practice Examples: why not a Methods Guide?

DOBOŠ Pavel OSMAN Robert ŠERÝ Ondřej KAPLAN Daniel SURMAŘOVÁ Simona ŠKOP Stanislav

Year of publication 2021
Type Chapter of a book
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Science

Description The ninth chapter presents Examples of good practice for the creation of accessible urban space, which have been practiced by multiple actors in Brno city under specific circumstances and which can serve as inspiration and motivation for other municipalities in their barrier-free policies and practice. While being the source for inspiration can be their principal goal, another goal is to archive the good practice. The authors start the chapter defining themselves against methods guidelines for barrier-free space; methods are introduced as a certain conceptual tool for strict, systematic and universal creation of barrier-free/accessible space, which can be too binding and less open to eventual changes. On the other hand, Examples of good practice represent a different approach, open to eventual developments, unexpected phenomena and trying to inspire for creation of accessible space everywhere and every time, in pragmatic, unprecedented and diverse ways. As has been indicated above, Methods guides for barrier-free space can be bound by three universalities, which usually prevent experimenting and creativity. Examples of good practice aim to inspire and incent creativity, and thus represent a universal “will” to be creative, unhinged and active. Each example consists of several parts: Illustrative story presenting the barriers and related pitfalls by describing the original situation and the need for intervention; Analysis concentrating on the pitfalls; Suggested solution with a discussion; a Concrete realization in Brno city, showing the concrete process of dealing with the so-far describe accessibility; then Solution limits are presented; Conclusion, which offers insight for future application, and Time axis outlining the whole process from a chronological perspective. Each Example is also documented by photographs showing the original state full of barriers and pitfalls, and the state when a chosen solution has been realized.
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