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Genetics. From Pea to Genome


VÍTKOVÁ Zuzana OLGA Štaffa EVA Chocholová KŘÍŽOVÁ Blanka SVOBODOVÁ Eliška BROUŠKOVÁ Zdenka

Year of publication 2021
Type Popularization text
Description We can see the fruits of genetics all around us. Just look at your siblings, parents, grandparents, or other relatives. You will always find some shared feature, which is typical for the given family and which has been inherited for many generations. Be it the colour of the eyes, the shape of the ears, or the thumbs. But where does genetics come from? Where lies the essence of all these phenomena? Why, in our cells – or more precisely, in our genes. This comics will guide you through the fascinating world hidden away in the nuclei of our cells. A world that keeps going day and night, making sure that our whole body works the way it’s supposed to. Read about the discoveries of scientists that have brought us insulin to treat diabetes, or DNA multiplication for medical and forensic purposes. GENETICS, the science built on the 19th-century foundations of Gregor Mendel, is waiting to be discovered by YOU!

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