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Z reálného hrdiny hrdinou fikčním (a zase zpět): Případová studie Pravomil Raichl

Title in English From a real hero to a fictional hero (and back): A case study Pravomil Raichl

KOS Matěj

Year of publication 2022
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Arts

Description We all know that there are books or movies based on a true story. But how do these "based on" fiction stories affect interest in the original story? Why was this destiny chosen and not another? And how do the different fictional worlds of the stories differ from each other, even if they are based on the same history? I tried to answer these questions in my contribution, which deals with the story of the war hero Pravomil Raichl and fiction works inspired by his fate. The feature film Staříci and Petr Stančík's novel Pravomil aneb Ohlušující promlčení will be presented briefly. They will show what the real story of fiction adheres to and what, on the contrary, the artistic license has incorporated. We will also focus on the metatexts of these works and the articles (and probably the success of the film and the book motivated by) articles about the original historical story. The result will be a map of relationships showing how the individual texts are interconnected and how fictional works can stimulate interest in a source of inspiration.
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