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Quercetea pubescentis



Year of publication 2021
Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Science

Description The sixth, final volume of the Plant Communities of Slovakia edition provides an overview of all types of forests and shrubs. The book contains characteristics of 14 classes and 128 associations and communities. The varied and rich variability of forest and shrub communities in Slovakia is the result of the diversity of the geological, geographical and ecological conditions of our territory and evidence of the history of the country's development and long-term management in it. Vegetation types are gradually introduced, which are linked to locations affected by surface and underground water (Alnetea glutinosae, Franguletea, Alno glutinosae-Populetea albae, Salicetea purpureae), natural and replacement shrubs (Crataego-Prunetea), forests formed mainly by non-native trees ( Robinietea pseudacaciae), forests of the oak vegetation stage (classes Quercetea pubescentis and Quercetea robori-petraeae) and deciduous and mixed forests of the beech stage (Carpino-Fagetea sylvaticae) following them in height and edaphically. Forests dominated by conifers are processed in the classes Dicrano-Pinetea, Erico-Pinetea, Vaccinio-Piceetea and Vaccinio uliginosae-Pinetea sylvestris. The volume is completed by the vegetation of rhododendron (Roso pendulinae-Pinetea mugo).

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