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Three new records of lichenised fungi for Antarctica

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HALICI Mehmet Gökhan GÜLLÜ Mithat MERVE Kahraman Yigit BARTÁK Miloš

Year of publication 2022
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Polar Record
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Faculty of Science

Keywords Antarctic Peninsula; Biodiversity; James Ross Island; Lichens
Description As part of a project aiming to determine the lichenised fungal biodiversity of James Ross Island (Eastern coast of Antarctic Peninsula), we identified three infrageneric taxa which were previously not reported from Antarctica: Farnoldia micropsis (A. Massal.) Hertel, Gyalolechia epiphyta (Lynge) Vondrák and Placidium squamulosum var. argentinum (Räsänen) Breuss. Detailed morphological and anatomical properties of these species along with photographs based on the Antarctic specimens are provided here. In addition, the nrITS, mtSSU and/or RPB1 gene regions of the selected specimens are studied and the phylogenetic positions of the species are discussed. The DNA sequence data for Farnoldia micropsis are provided for the first time. Farnoldia micropsis and Gyalolechia epiphyta are also new to the Southern Hemisphere.
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