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Management třídy u studentů učitelství a jejich provázejících učitelů: smíšený výzkum

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Title in English Classroom management of student teachers and their mentor teachers: mixed methods design


Year of publication 2022
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Description In our study, we introduce basic research in a mixed methods design which focuses on classroom management of pre- service teachers during their first teaching practice in lower secondary education in the Czech Republic and the classroom management of their mentor teachers in these schools. We discuss the current theory of classroom management and its terminological problems in the Czech language and show how we interconnected theories, data, and outcomes of quantitative research (Behaviour and Instructional Management Scale, Need for Closure Scale, Teacher Power Use Scale) and qualitative research (observation, interviews, field notes, and reflective diaries). Our paper focuses on methodological aspects of paired data of six pre- service teachers and their six mentor- teachers in qualitative field research (video study) and in a larger, contextual survey study of pre- service teachers (n = 145) and the mentor teachers supervising their practice (n = 123). Our findings revealed that (mentor) teachers reported stronger control over behaviour management than pre- service teachers. The control was higher in behaviour management than in instructional management. Mentor teachers influenced the classroom management of pre- service teacher. The stronger the behaviour management of mentor teachers was, the stronger it manifested in the case of the pre- service teachers in their practice. The longer teaching practice teachers had, the stronger their reported behaviour management of students was, they required more compliance to rules, focus on task, etc. Regarding the need for closure teachers and pre- service teachers did not differ from the general population. Our study found a relation between need for closure and classroom management. The higher the need for closure pre- service teachers and mentor teachers reported, the stronger their reported classroom management was. The need for closure was a statistically significant predictor of behaviour and instructional management of pre- service teachers as well as mentor teachers; the relation with behaviour management was stronger. The study can be used as an example of a specific realization of a mixed method design in the field of educational research. What appears most interesting is the current conceptualisation of classroom management and its relation to the relatively stable personal characteristic of need for closure. The concept of the need for closure was not applied in the Czech educational research before, nevertheless, it is a key determinant in many aspects of human behaviour, including teacher’ classroom management and its acquisition. Our research contributes to new knowledge on classroom management that is relevant for current pre- service teacher education in the Czech Republic.
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