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Vysychavé polní mokřady a jejich význam pro mokřadní ptáky v zemědělské krajině jižní Moravy

Title in English Temporary field wetlands and their importance for birds in the agricultural landscape of South Moravia


Year of publication 2021
Type Article in Periodical (without peer review)
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Faculty of Science

Description Temporary field wetlands, which occur periodically after heavy rainfall, are overlooked habitats hosting interesting communities of plants and animals in an otherwise homogenous agricultural landscape. Wetland birds are an important group inhabiting these habitats. In 2010–2021, We studied 84 field wetlands of this type in South Moravia to find out what bird species occur there and how they use them. In total, we found 98 species. Most were shorebirds (Charadriiformes; 38 species), followed by waterfowl (Anseriformes; 21 species), wetland songbirds (Passeriformes; 17 species) and Pelecaniformes (9 species). 41 species are protected in the Czech Republic. 2–65 species with an average of 17 species were recorded at particular sites. We found a positive effect of the site area and the number of years in which the site was flooded on the number of recorded species, while the effect of altitude or the district in which the site was located was not found. Particular species used field wetlands as breeding grounds, feeding habitats, migration stopovers or wintering grounds. The large number of wetland bird species found on the South Moravian temporal field wetlands proves their great biological and conservation value. At the same time, these habitats are still overlooked, which is why we would like to motivate other ornithologists, conservationists and nature lovers to pay attention to these valuable habitats and support their protection.

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