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Growth-rate model of epitaxial layer-by-layer growth by pulsed-laser deposition



Year of publication 2022
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Physical Review E
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Faculty of Science

Keywords Growth; Nucleation on surfaces; Thin films; Mean-field and cluster methods
Description We present a numerical model of epitaxial thin-film growth applicable for pulsed-laser deposition on a single crystalline substrate. The model is based on rate equations describing the time development of monolayer coverages and of densities of movable particles on atomically flat terraces. Numerical solution of the equations showed that the time dependence of surface roughness obeys a scaling law, the exponent of which depends on probabilities of various atomistic processes included in the simulation model. From the time dependence of monolayer coverages we calculated x-ray diffracted intensity in a quasiforbidden anti-Bragg reflection and showed that its oscillatory behavior is affected by these probabilities as well. The results show the possibility to study atomistic processes during the deposition from the time dependence of the anti-Bragg intensity measured during deposition.

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