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Esport coby sport – nástin pro možnou systematizaci otázek pro kinantropologické uchopení fenoménu esport

Title in English port as sport – an outline for the possible systematisation of questions for the kinanthropological approach to the phenomenon referred to as esports

HURYCH Emanuel

Year of publication 2022
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Česká kinantropologie
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Sports Studies

Keywords eSports; kinanthropology; definition of sport; categorization of eSports
Description The article discusses the phenomenon referred to as esport and its possible grasp within kinanthropology. It draws attention to the fact that the question of whether and how much of an esport is a sport requires much more systematic and comprehensive investigation within the framework of kinanthropology than previously realized and published (especially in the Czech environment). The author comments on some concepts in the text - the parallel between chess and eSports, non-kinanthropological approaches, and the concept of “Olympic sports” according to Jim Parry. It concludes that the definition of the term sport outside of kinanthropology comes across as highly compartmentalised. Even within the context of kinanthropology, the various authors do not quite agree on a precise definition of which activities can be considered as sports. yet we find expertly erudite models of the categorization of sport. The problem for assessing the relationship between eSports and sports, however, is primarily the under-researched and under-systematic environment of eSports. The author is inclined to think that it is not possible to judge esport as a one-size-fits-all phenomenon, but that an internal breakdown of its contents must first be made. The question after whether esport is a sport is therefore considered fundamentally unanswerable if we understand esport as a monolith. The author sees two important challenges for kinanthropology. The first is a deeper intrusion into the realm of eSports, with an analysis of its structure and a performance of categorization of eSports according to criteria other than the genre one alone. The second is to seek further scope for applying kinanthropological approaches to the realm of eSports, regardless of whether kinanthropologists embrace it as a sport. Especially with regard to the reserved access of many kinanthropologists to eSports, the author sees it as beneficial to link the two phenomena on the basis of factual expert studies, which, among other things, will also allow for more accurate analysis of the possible negative impacts of eSports operation with respect to the share of the decline of exercise activity especially in children and youth.
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