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Year of publication 2023
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Description 1.DETERMINATION OF MOLAR MASS 1.a. Cryoscopic determination of molar mass of naphthalene 1.b. Determination of molar mass and dimerization constant of benzoic acid 1.c. Determination of viscosity-average molar mass of polymer 2. OPTICAL AND ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES OF MOLECULES 2.a. Refraction measurement of methanol-ethanol mixture 2.b. Permittivity measurement of liquid substances 3.THERMOCHEMICAL MEASUREMENTS 3.a. Determination of neutralization and dilution heats 3.b. Determination of thermodynamic functions of galvanic cell 3.c. Determination of temperature dependence of evaporation heat from the vapour pressure of the liquid 4.PHASE EQUILIBRIA OF SYSTEMS WITH MORE COMPONENTS 4.a. Determination of the partition coefficient in the extraction system 4.b. Determination of partition coefficient and dimerization constant of organic acid in benzene-water system 4.c. Phase diagram of three component system 2 4.d. Construction of ethanol-water phase diagram 5. ADSORPTION ON INTERPHASES 5.a. Determination of parameters of adsorption isotherm in methylene blue – water activated charcoal system 5.b. Adsorption of alcohols at the solution-gas interface 6. SOLUTION EQUILIBRIA 6.a. Photochemical determination of dissociation constant of acid-base indicator 6.b. Potentiometric determination of dissociation constant of weak acid 6.c. Determinativní of the degree of dissociation of a strong and weak electrolyte 7. CHEMICAL KINETICS 7.a. Measurement of sucrose inversion in acidic solution 7.b. Photometric study of reaction kinetics 7.c. Saponification of ethyl acetate 8. ELECTRODES 8.a. Verification of Nernst`s equation for Ce+3/Ce+4 redox system 8.b. Halide and nitrate ion selective electrodes 8.c. Determination of temperature dependence of oxygen solubility in water 9. MATTER TRANSPORT 9.a. Determination of transference number from rate of interface motion 9.b. Determination of diffusion coefficient of ammonia inside membrane 10. CATALYSIS 10.a. Determination of rate constant and order of catalysed decomposition of hydrogen peroxide 10.b. Observation of chemical oscillations of the Belousov-Zabotinsky catalytic system 11. MIKRODISPERSIONS 11.a. Determination of the mass distribution curve of activated charcoal particles 11.b. Determination of the isoelectric point of casein 11.c. Critical micellar concentration 12. STATISTICAL PROCESSING OF EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS IN SHORT Linear and nonlinear regression. Calculation of linear dependence parameters and significance test. Graphical representation of experimental dependence 12.a. Statistical evaluation of climate change

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