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Digitální technologie v každodenním životě studentů – výzkum, výsledky, otázky…

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Title in English Digital technologies in students' everyday lives - research, results, questions...


Year of publication 2023
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Faculty of Arts

Description Today's students are growing up in an environment where digital technologies are widely available and "ubiquitous". Digital technologies are creating new and ever-changing online environments for work, learning, communication and leisure. Students thus naturally live in both physical and virtual environments, or better, in one world with two interconnected parts. In such a world, formal and informal learning naturally occurs in different environments, whether virtual, in school or out-of-school (e.g. in the family or a peer group). However, the discourse on digital technologies mainly focuses on how to use these technologies to improve existing approaches to learning in school education (at least in the Czech Republic). However, we pay less consideration to the fact that digital technologies are not just a (didactic) tool but create opportunities for new practices or social activities (including learning) that are not limited by the classroom's physical space. How, then, to explore students' formal and informal learning in the digital age? Are the empirical research methods we have used so far sufficient? What do we know about using technology in formal and informal learning? Are the skills and knowledge about technology acquired in the classroom applicable to life outside school? Moreover, can students' own experiences with technology be used in school teaching? How do students themselves and their parents view digital technologies? Why can't the generations agree? In this talk, we will answer these questions by drawing on empirical data from several (own) research studies. At the same time, we will certainly open up other questions.
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