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ELAV Intron 8: a single-copy sequence marker for shallow to deep phylogeny in Eupulmonata Hasprunar & Huber, 1990 and Hygrophila Ferussac, 1822 (Gastropoda: Mollusca)

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NEKOLA Jeffrey Clark NOVÁKOVÁ Markéta HORSÁK Michal ADEMA Coen M.

Year of publication 2023
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Organisms Diversity and Evolution
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Faculty of Science

Keywords PCR; nDNA; Intron; Phylogenetic marker; Gastropods
Description Progress in eupulmonate gastropod taxonomy is limited by absence of single- or low-copy nuclear DNA markers that provide species-scale insights. We detail here the single-copy intron 8 of the embryonic lethality and abnormal visual system gene (ELAVI8). High sequence conservation within flanking exons 8 and 9 allowed design of non-redundant primers that enable PCR amplification across a broad phylogenetic extent. Across the Eupulmonata and Hygrophila ELAVI8 product ranged from 602 to 802 base pairs in length. A multiple sequence alignment across 62 taxa, representing 36 genera and 12 major clades, showed 1296 sites with 865 variable positions. Typically, 2-10 base pair differences were noted between closely related species within a genus, with 74-200 bases differing between major infra-order clades. ELAVI8 maximum-likelihood trees showed essentially identical topologies at high levels of support compared to those created from concatenated ITS1 + 2 (within a genus) or 28S (across Eupulmonata and Hygrophila). ELAVI8 is superior to these two phylogenetic marker regions, however, because it (1) resolves phylogenetic pattern from species- to sub-cohort scales in a single amplicon, (2) was better able to resolve family- and deeper-clades at high support, (3) allows for outgroup rooting between genera, and (4) possesses no intercopy haplotype variability.
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