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Stimulation of soy seeds using environmentally friendly magnetic and electric fields

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Year of publication 2023
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Scientific Reports
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Keywords soy seeds; environmentally friendly magnetic and electric fields; machine learning
Description The study analyses the impact of alternating (magnetic induction B?=?30 mT for t?=?60 s) and constant magnetic fields (B?=?130 mT for t?=?17 h) and alternating electric fields (electric current E?=?5 kV/cm for t?=?60 s) on various growth parameters of soy plants: the germination energy and capacity, plants emergence, the fresh mass of seedlings, protein content (Kjeldahl’s method), and photosynthetic parameters (with MINI-PAM 2000 WALTZ Photosynthesis Yield Analyser and a SPAD-502 Chlorophyll Meter). Four cultivars were used: MAVKA, MERLIN, VIOLETTA, and ANUSZKA. Moreover, the advanced Machine Learning processing pipeline was proposed to distinguish the impact of physical factors on photosynthetic parameters. The use of electromagnetic fields had a positive impact on the germination rate in MERLIN seeds. The best results in terms of germination improvement were observed for alternating magnetic field stimulation in all cultivars (p?>?0.05). For the VIOLETTA cultivar an increase (p?>?0.05) in the emergence and overall number of plants as well as fresh mass was observed after electromagnetic field stimulation. For the MAVKA and MERLIN cultivars, the concentration of proteins in the leaves was noticeably higher in plants grown from seeds stimulated using a constant magnetic field.
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