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A representative dataset on Czech and Slovak pre-Russia–Ukraine-war attitudes to the West and to the Russian Federation

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Year of publication 2024
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Data in Brief
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Faculty of Social Studies

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Keywords Popular attitudes; Czechia; Slovakia; Pro-western; Anti-western; Pro-Russian; Anti-Russian
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Description This article presents a comprehensive dataset and its associated data collection methodology aimed at understanding public opinion and attitudes across diverse socio-political dimensions in Czechia and Slovakia. The dataset covers a wide array of variables, including socio-demographic variables, media consumption patterns, scales measuring attitudes and ideology, evaluations of political statements, and reactions to political billboards. The dataset is structured into folders containing raw data, metadata, research samples, analyses, and visual stimuli used in the study. The raw data files encompass original survey responses received from participants, while the metadata provides essential details about variables, their coding, scaling, and question formulation. The survey contains data from more than 1200 Czech and Slovak participants. The samples are representative by gender, age, education level, region, and place of residence size. Researchers utilizing this dataset have the opportunity to explore public opinion dynamics, ideological tendencies, and responses to political stimuli. The dataset's extensive and multifaceted nature offers a valuable resource for various analyses, allowing researchers to delve into factors shaping political orientations, public sentiment towards specific political narratives, and the impact of visual stimuli on political perceptions. Moreover, the dataset's inclusion of both Czechia and Slovakia provides a comparative dimension, enabling cross-country analyses and insights into potential socio-political divergences or convergences within the region. Its accessibility and comprehensiveness make it a valuable asset for a wide range of research endeavors across political science, sociology, psychology, and related disciplines.
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