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Fluorescence (LIF) measurement of atomic antimony concentration in a planar dielectric barrier discharge



Year of publication 2023
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description The concentration of atomic antimony (Sb) was measured in a planar dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) used as an atomizer, i.e., as a device used in analytical chemistry to decompose volatile analytes. In this work, the ability of the DBD to decompose the antimony hydride (SbH3) was studied by measurement of the concentration and spatial distribution of free Sb atoms. The DBD was ignited at atmospheric pressure in argon with an admixture of hydrogen. Single photon absorption laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) intensity of atomic antimony was used for Sb detection. LIF calibration was realized by Rayleigh scattering. The concentration of atomic Sb was around 1017 m-3, which was stable during the discharge period. Dependences on gas composition, discharge power, and position in the DBD were measured. The results contribute to the understanding of Sb atomization in DBD and demonstrate the ability to use DBD as a source of free analyte atoms.
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