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Kde se vzala ekokritika? Průsečíky literatury a životního prostředí

Title in English Origins of Ecocriticism: Exploring the Intersections of Literature and the Environment


Year of publication 2023
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Faculty of Arts

Description Ecocriticism, an interdisciplinary field situated within the broader framework of literary and cultural studies, has gradually gained prominence since the 1960s. Its emergence can be attributed to social changes, including the growth of ecological and environmental movements. Literary scholars have played a crucial role in this transformative process and have subsequently provided retrospective accounts that emphasize their acknowledgment of the necessity to describe the intricate connections between human society and the natural environment. However, the development of literary and cultural studies in the 20th century, especially the emergence of cultural studies and the new historicism, also had a significant impact. This paper aims to explore the early stages of ecocriticism and to clarify how literary and ecological perspectives converged. It will then elaborate on its primary objective and reflect on the development of ecocriticism. Indeed, current trends in this field have surpassed the original conception in terms of complexity, interconnectedness, transnationalization, and an increased emphasis on the study of texts linked to the material environment (as discussed by Timothy Morton, Ursula Heise, Stacy Alaimo, etc.).
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