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Rozvíjení kontrapunktu v epoše po-kontrapunktické: Příspěvek k polyfonnímu zobrazení světa v románech Milana Kundery

Title in English The development of counterpoint in the post-contrapuntal epoch: The contribution to polyphonic depiction of the world in Milan Kundera’s novels


Year of publication 2023
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Musicologica Brunensia
Keywords post-contrapuntal epoch; polyphonic novel; dissonance; twelve-note serialism; stratified texture
Description The study strives to analyse the polyphony of Milan Kundera’s novels from musicological perspective. Different attributes of novel polyphony formulated by literary theories are added by the term stratified texture which refers to various simultaneous sound layers. Dissonances are the integral elements of Kundera’s polyphony similar to Schoenberg’s twelve-note counterpoint. This dissonant counterpoint can be seen as the depiction of the contemporary world. The study argues that Kundera’s development of polyphony in novel is extremely important in contemporary epoch as counterpoint is disappering in musical compositions.

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