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Festival vědy a techniky 2023

Title in English The Science and Technics Festival 2023


Year of publication 2023
Type Popularization text
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Faculty of Education

Description What's the biologist's problem? Why didn't my grandmother's africans bloom this year? Can you guess what a turtle and a duck have in common? If you're not afraid of direct contact with some "strange" animals, come and meet them and learn how the food chain works. The movement of energy and biomass within ecosystems is carried out by the different links of the food chains = the species of organisms, so the balance between them is very important. Find out who is food for whom and where humans belong in this chain. Do you think something might eat you too? Like giant tropical millipedes or cockroaches? Come and see them and win the "Who eats who first" competition. Are there animals that don't have natural predators? Yes, they are invasive species, and they don't have to be just animals! What do you think? Are they a boon or a bane to the ecosystem. Visitors who are brave enough can guess by feel what's rustling in a dark bottle or pet a live snake. At the end, you will learn interesting facts about the geology of Brno. Rocks are all around us, but do we notice them and think about what we know them by? Come and see if you can correctly name Brno's important landmarks and the rocks that make them up. You can experience all this at the stand of the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University.

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