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Jak je strukturována systematická podpora začínajících učitelů : Přehledová studie podob procesu uvádění v zemích Evropy

Title in English How systematic support for beginning teachers is structured : A review study of designes of induction process in European countries


Year of publication 2023
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Studia Paedagogica
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Faculty of Arts

Keywords Induction; induction design; novice teacher; transition
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Description The presented review study focuses on the issues of beginning teachers and the processes of their systematic induction into the profession. The aim of the study is to present and compare the implemented forms of the induction process as a systematic support for beginning teachers entering the profession. The selection of countries took place in 2022 and was limited to countries that are part of the European information network Eurydice. Utilizing Eurydice narrowed down the selection to those countries that were implementing a so-called structured induction process at that time and had publicly available information describing the form and conditions of implementing the structured induction process in the respective country. Fourteen countries met these criteria and were included as analyzed examples. Information about the induction processes of these countries is presented within six areas: induction traditions, time allocation, purpose of the induction process, role of the beginning teacher, position of the mentor, and the structure of the induction process. Through the synthesis of information in these areas, it was possible to present the form of the induction process in each country and compare the induction processes with each other, including in the context of the current situation in the Czech Republic regarding the induction process.

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