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Bringing to Light the Importance of the miRNA Methylome in Colorectal Cancer Prognosis Through Electrochemical Bioplatforms

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ELOY Povedano VÍCTOR Ruiz-Valdepenas Montiel SEBUYOYA Ravery Jovinary REBECA M. Torrente-Rodríguez GARRANZO-ASENSIO Maria MONTERO-CALLE Ana PINGARRÓN José M. BARDERAS Rodrigo BARTOSIK Martin CAMPUZANO Susana

Year of publication 2024
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Analytical Chemistry
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Faculty of Science

Keywords Biopolymers; Cancer; Genetics; Organic reactions; Peptides and proteins
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Description This work reports the first electrochemical bioplatforms developed for the determination of the total contents of either target miRNA or methylated target miRNA. The bioplatforms are based on the hybridization of the target miRNA with a synthetic biotinylated DNA probe, the capture of the formed DNA/miRNA heterohybrids on the surface of magnetic microcarriers, and their recognition with an antibody selective to these heterohybrids or to the N6-methyladenosine (m6A) epimark. The determination of the total or methylated target miRNA was accomplished by labeling such secondary antibodies with the horseradish peroxidase (HRP) enzyme. In both cases, amperometric transduction was performed on the surface of disposable electrodes after capturing the resulting HRP-tagged magnetic bioconjugates. Because of their increasing relevance in colorectal cancer (CRC) diagnosis and prognosis, miRNA let-7a and m6A methylation were selected. The proposed electrochemical bioplatforms showed attractive analytical and operational characteristics for the determination of the total and m6A-methylated target miRNA in less than 75 min. These bioplatforms, innovative in design and application, were applied to the analysis of total RNA samples extracted from cultured cancer cells with different metastatic profiles and from paired healthy and tumor tissues of patients diagnosed with CRC at different stages. The obtained results demonstrated, for the first time using electrochemical platforms, the potential of interrogating the target miRNA methylation level to discriminate the metastatic capacities of cancer cells and to identify tumor tissues and, in a pioneering way, the potential of the m6A methylation in miRNA let-7a to serve as a prognostic biomarker for CRC.
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