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FSP Analysis of a Distributional Macrofield


ADAM Martin

Year of publication 2004
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty Brněnské univerzity, Řada anglistická: Brno Studies in English 30
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Education

Field Linguistics
Keywords FSP; macrofield; analysis; Firbas; communicative dynamism; dynamic-semantic layers
Description Functional sentence perspective (FSP) has been understood primarily as a phenomenon operating on the level of a clause or a sentence. Similarly, the principles of functional (sentence) perspective theory can be used for higher levels of text, e.g. paragraphs or chapters. It is particularly the thematic and rhematic layers established within the text that serve as evidence of the functional perspective theory working at higher levels of text structures; it seems that such an analysis depicts the characteristic features of the text, such as gradation, coherence or semantic unity. The present paper investigates the area of a chapter, as an integral piece of text: deriving from detailed analyses of separate clauses (that represent basic distributional fields), it goes on examining whole paragraphs (chapters), i.e. distributional macrofields.

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