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Occurence and seasonal dynamics of monogenean parasites of gudgeon (Gobio gobio, L.) in the River Hana (Czech Republic).



Year of publication 2005
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description Altogether 230 specimens of gudgeon (Gobio gobio, L.) were investigated for presence of monogenean parasites during 2001 and 2002. Fish were sampled monthly from the Hana River (Czech Republic) and 6536 specimens of seven monogenean species were recorded. Epidemiological characteristic of infection, diversity indices, community structure, spatial distribution and time series of parasites were analysed. The most abundant monogenean species were Dactylogyrus cryptomeres, Gyrodactylus gobiensis and G. gobii. Other monogeneans such as G. markakulensis and generalists G. vimbi, G. gasterostei and Paradiplozoon homoion were less common. Average abundance of D. cryptomeres was about 11 specimens per fish in both years. In the case of Gyrodactylus spp. the average abundance was 25 and 11 in 2001 and 2002, respectively. Maximum intensity of infection was 172 specimens of D. cryptomeres (July 2002) and148 of Gyrodactylus spp. (May 2001) on single fish. Occurrence of monogenean species and parasite load were significantly dependent on changing water temperature between seasons. In 2001, the peak of Gyrodactylus infection was recorded in March and for Dactylogyrus infection two months later in May. In 2002, the peak of Gyrodactylus infection was recorded in May and for Dactylogyrus in July. Majority of Gyrodactylus specimens were found on fins (90%) and remaining specimens were located on body surface and gills. We can conclude, that the relationship between the parasites and the environmental conditions during the year were observed, together with the different patterns in spatial distribution of different parasite species. My participation on ISM5 was supported by the Research Project of Masaryk University, MSM 0021622416.
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