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Využití MALDI-MS celobuněčných profilů při charakterizaci bakterií rodu Aeromonas

Title in English The application of MALDI MS whole-cell profiles of the genus Aeromonas


Year of publication 2007
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description The genus Aeromonas is one of the medically important genera. Strains of this genus are often isolated from human and veterinary clinical material. The evolving taxonomy of the genus is in great progress. According to the contemporary system of classification genus belongs to the family Aeromonadacae and the order Aeromonadales3. The genus is typical by great heterogeneity and genetic variability; phenotypic differentiation is difficult. There were validly described 17 species of the genus Aeromonas classified into five groups1. Matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight2 mass spectrometry is an analytical technic, which identifies markers of the bacterial proteome. It is suitable for a rapid identification of spectral outcomes using MALDI MS profiles of the genus. Specific markers of genus and species are used for taxonomic differentiation. There were acquired typical mass spectra of protein and peptide markers by analysis of whole cells samples. The data processing means the identification and quantification of peak list, the calculation of similarity among spectra, cluster analysis and classification of the sample. By the use of the method MALDI TOF there were obtained clear and rapid outcomes for differentiation of 45 strains of the genus Aeromonas, including reference strains and the isolates from the environment. The important income of the method was intraspecies differentiation of the strains and differentiation of the species that are not distinguishable phenotypically.
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