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Ovlivnění akumulace kadmia v heřmánku pravém interakcí se zinkem

Title in English Effect of zinc on cadmium accumulation in Matricaria recutita plants


Year of publication 2007
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Vliv abiotických a biotických stresorů na vlastnosti rostlin 2007 (Sborník příspěvků)
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Science

Field Physiology
Keywords Matricaria recutita; cadmium; zinc; accumulation; growth parameters; pigment content;
Description Effect of increasing zinc concentration (3 - 180 mmol Zn(NO3)2 dm-3) applied together with Cd (NO3)2 ( on production characteristics (root length, root and shoot dry mass) and concentration of assimilation pigments (chlorophylls, carotenoids) in hydroponically cultivated chamomile plants (Matricaria recutita L, cv .Lutea.) as well as on Cd accumulation in plant organs was studied. Phytotoxic effect of simultaneously applied metals was very low confirming high tolerance of chamomile against Cd and Zn. Even though the application of Cd intensively reduced the concentration of assimilation pigments in plant shoots, addition of Zn did not cause a further significant reduction of assimilation pigment concentrations. On the other hand, the presence of Zn markedly reduced Cd bioaccumulation in plant organs confirming the protective effect of Zn. High values of translocation factor related to Cd ranging from 2.020 (12 mmol Zn dm-3) to 2.638 (60 mmol Zn dm-3) clearly supported that M. recutita belongs to very effective Cd accumulators.

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