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A Uniform Solution to Offer and Share Multimedia Education Content in the Community of Czech and Slovak Medical Faculties - MEFANET


SCHWARZ Daniel DUŠEK Ladislav ŠTUKA Čestmír ŠTÍPEK Stanislav MIHÁL Vladimír

Year of publication 2008
Type Conference abstract
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

Description The MEFANET (Medical FAculties NETwork) is an open project aimed to advance medical teaching and learning with the use of modern ICT. It has evolved from its local beginnings to an international cooperation among all medical faculties in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Sharing of educational resources is one of the elementary goals of the project. Thus, it was decided to develop an original and uniform solution for educational web portals which are used to offer and share digital educational content in MEFANET. The portals are implemented at the medical faculties besides their own local information systems and they do not aim to substitute existing and bounded learning management systems. Students benefit from the portals by looking into the multimedia content at other medical faculties, what may gradually increase the quality of the presented content and motivate authors to cooperate in their creative activities. The criteria for web usability and accessibility as well as modern search-engine-optimization techniques were considered in the design of the underlying data model as well as in the subsequent development of the system environment. Furthermore, the backoffice administrative tools were designed and implemented in the modular form with a high level of scalability, in order to make any instance of the portal available for an involvement in a local structure of information systems. Another valuable component of the solution is a central gate which integrates the information presented in all the portal instances. The solution was completed by the federated single-sign-on authentication framework with the use of Shibboleth inter-institutional web resources sharing.
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