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Visual identification of Myotis mystacinus and M. brandtii in hibernacula: the Czech-Polish-German cross-border project

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Year of publication 2008
Type Conference abstract
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Description During hibernation periods 2003-2006 we examined four morphological features (colouration of the fur, colouration of the tragus in comparison with the bottom of inner edge of auricle, body size, colouration of the whole auricles and the muzzle) of 42 individuals of Myotis mystacinus and 55 M. brandtii in the mines (Malá Morávka, Czech Republic; Rehefeld, Germany), underground fortress (Netopierek, Poland) and in the caves (Roušarova cave, Czech Republic; Niedźwiedzia, Zimna cave, Poland; Došinská cave, Slovakia). Each bat was identified individually by each member of the research team (at least three or four persons). After this first identification the bats were handled, sexed, aged and reclassified properly. Weak but significant differencies between sex, age, body size and colour of the fur were found. Observers chose different priority features in different species and different priority feature in comparison to other members of research team. No significant correlation was found between the individually most important feature and species identification which was conducted before and after the handling. The most important features were colour of the fur on the back and colour of the bottom of inner edge of auricle. No significant differencies between correct identification and locality were found and the same goes for differencies between localities and the individually most important features. M. brandtii was classified more successfully than twice than M. mystacinus, despite of quite low level of colour variability of M. mystacinus during ontogeny. The project was supported by the Long-term Research Project of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic No MSM0021622416, the Grant of the Czech Science Foundation No 206/06/0954.
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