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Kvalitativní hodnocení způsobu řešení kopie Reyovy-Osterriethovy komplexní figury u dospívajících

Title in English Qualitative evaluation of the way of solving the copy of Rey-Osterrieth complex figure in adolescents


Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Československá psychologie: Časopis pro psychologickou teorii a praxi
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Social Studies

Field Psychology
Keywords Rey-Osterrieth comlex figure (ROCF); ROCF scoring; ROCF organizational strategies; types of ROCF drawing strategies; specific mistakes in ROCF drawing
Description The study deals with qualitative evaluation of the way of solving the copy of Rey-Osterrieth complex figure in adolescents. The main goal was the evaluation of the qualitative part of ROCF test, mapping the occurence of drawing strategies of the copy of ROCF according the Rey-Osterrieth typology of drawing strategies, the description of specific mistakes in ROCF productions. On the basis of detailed analysis the authors succeeded to identify further subtypes of basic strategies. The monitoring of the most frequent mistakes in ROCF production that cannot be scored according to the Czech manual formed the part of drawing analysis. The occurence of these types of mistakes was found: the size of drawing with respect to the model, the drawing placement on the paper, scratching, corrections, perseverations, confabulations, rotation, pinning of the pencil. The most frequent mistakes committed by children in the scope of particular drawing strategies in performance accuracy and correct detail placement were described. Least mistakes in accuracy occured in drawings where the first type of drawing strategy was used. The results found will make possible the more accurate evaluation of qualitative part of ROCF test.
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