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E-learning 2.0, or Sharing Educational Contents and Specialized Knowledge by Means of Information System of Masaryk University (IS MU)



Year of publication 2009
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference ICTE 2009
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Informatics

Field Informatics
Keywords e-learning;e-learning 2.0;Drill;Information System of Masaryk University;file vault
Description The Masaryk University teachers use various e-learning tools enabling them to post teaching materials on the University's Information System. In addition, they utilize the System to create the so-called Interactive Syllabi, examine their students electronically and collect their assignments via Homework Vaults. Students can also share their specialized knowledge without their teachers' intervention by, for instance, posting their own materials in File Vaults, bookmarking electronic sources, tagging the bookmarks thereby specifying the fields of study they are related to, and, finally, sharing them with one another. Moreover, every user can start his/her own Thematic Discussion Group and thus establish a community of people of similar interests. Last but not least, the application called Drill, a comparatively novel tool working on the principle of the so-called spaced repetition with intervals between the individual learning sessions, enables the students to learn large amounts of information by heart. Using Drill, every IS user can also create his/her own electronic textbooks and make them available to the others, who, while working with the application, acquire the information provided by the tool without their teachers' assistance. Not only does the article tackle the ways the users can utilize the tools, but it also discusses the principles of their deployment in the context of a large institution as well as the obstacles that had to be overcome during their implementation.
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