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Transition Countries Facing Transitory Competition Rules: Moving Shooter Taking Aim at a Moving Target



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Description Adopting of standard antitrust rules was hindered by some structural and economical and social obstacles in transitory countries; the effect of path-dependence was obvious. The solution could not be simple privatization of former state monopolies. The development and real impact of antitrust regulation used to be strongly influenced by some "first come-first served" economically and politically powerful privatizing groups that were able to take political measures being implemented before the legal regulation itself. Czech economic transformation is an example of putting through a far-reaching social change without having sufficient institutional frame. The importance of the institutional framework of the economic transition has been underestimated and neglected. The impact of an obstinate economic relativeness ("more economic approach") under the parole "everything depends" , or "just short-term consumer benefit counts" may be similarly devastating especially in the "new" EU member states with a newly established fragile institutional frame and would-be competition culture.
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