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Monogeneans (Dactylogyridae: Ancyrocephalinae) from the gills of Hydrocynus brevis and Citharinus citharus citharus in Senegal



Year of publication 2010
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description During a systematic survey of the monogenean parasites on freshwater fishes from the Gambia River basins (Senegal), the following species of characiform fishes were examined: Hydrocynus brevis Günther, 1864 (Alestidae) and Citharinus citharus citharus Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1809 (Citharinidae). The results of the parasitological investigation of monogeneans on the gills of Hydrocynus brevis from Senegal revealed the description of one new species of the genus Annulotrema and the presence of the following, previously described species assigned to two genera, Annulotrema nili Paperna, 1973, Annulotrema pikei (Price, Peebles & Bamford, 1969) Paperna, 1979 and Afrocleidodiscus hydrocynuous Paperna, 1969. The other two species reported by Guégan et al., 1988 on the same host (i.e. Annulotrema hydrocynusi Paperna, 1973 and Annulotrema longipenis Paperna, 1969) were not recorded during this survey. The present study of dactylogyrid monogeneans on the gills of Citharinus citharus citharus from Senegal brings complete description of the new Nanotrema species and records the finding of the previously described species Nanotrema citharini Paperna, 1969. The subject of this work is the complete taxonomic descriptions of the new species to science, based on morhopmetric analysis of the haptoral sclerites and reproductive system and the morphometrical characterization of these structures of known dactylogyrid species (see above). Obtained metric data of the present specimens from Senegal in well-known species can be considered as additional data missing in the original description. Thus, the findings of the new species (Annulotrema n.sp. and Nanotrema n.sp.) increase the number of presently known dactylogyrid species on H. brevis up to 7 and on Citharinus citharus citharus up to 2.
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