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Scientific Journal Processing System with the Capability of Exporting to a Digital Library using MathML



Year of publication 2011
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Faculty of Informatics

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Description A modern digital library has to be able quickly obtain precise data and metadata of newly published issues of journal. Therefore, there is need for a publishing system able to generate these [meta]data. Nowadays, publishers often use some kind of an automated document workflow, frequently based on XML, as XML formats allow users to separate visual representation of data from content. This is important not only for database publishing but also for deriving document [meta]data. However, mathematical journals archived in digital mathematical libraries (DML) have special needs as their articles typically contain a lot of mathematical formulae (usually typesetted by a TeX system). Thus, there is need for an automated comprehensive journal processing system based on the TeX typesetting system that would be able to prepare precise data and metadata for DML as by-product of preparation of a paper edition of a journal issue. This system is based on the TeX typesetting system and dozen of other tools (converters, validators) and automates the preparation of journal issues. It simultaneously generates the meta[data] needed for DML (XML with MathML, PDF). The system is based on the open-source software (TeX, Tralics, GNU utilites). On-line web application for validation and collection of data of all journals runs on the site of DML (e.g. After pilot implementation for Archivum Mathematicum journal published by Masaryk University, it has been generalized and accepted and fine-tuned for almost ten other journals.
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