Study-related fees

Study-related fees do not constitute tuition fees and are thus not allocated to all students at the beginning of their studies. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programme students are only required to pay study-related fees in case they fulfil certain legally stipulated criteria.

Legal Provisions Stipulating Study-Related Fee Allocation

Fee Types

In accordance with the above mentioned legal provisions, the following fee types are allocated at Masaryk University:

  • Studies Prolongation Fee – section 58, subsection 3 of the Higher Education Act

A studies prolongation fee in accordance with section 58, subsection 3 of the Act is allocated to Bachelor’s or Master’s degree students who exceed the standard length of studies by more than one year. In assessing the duration of a student’s prolonged studies, all previous study periods terminated otherwise than in due form are added to the duration of prolonged studies; in case such a student was simultaneously enrolled in several degree programmes, the resulting period is added only once. An interruption in studies due to parental leave in accordance with section 21, subsection 1, letter f) of the Act does not count towards the duration of prolonged studies which constitutes the basis for fee allocation.

  • Foreign Language Degree Programme Fee – section 58, subsection 4 of the Higher Education Act

Fees for studies in a degree programme conducted in a foreign language are allocated to students enrolled in such a degree programme (Bachelor’s, Master’s or doctoral).

Fees for the 2024/2025 Academic Year

Allocated in accordance with section 58 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., as subsequently amended.

Studies Prolongation Fee, in accordance with section 58, subsection 3

(fee for every 6 months of studies)

when the standard length of studies, extended by one year, is further exceeded

by less than 6 months

by 6 months and more, and less than 12 months

by 12 months and more, and less than 18 months

by 18 months and more

24,000 CZK

33,000 CZK

42,000 CZK

51,000 CZK

Foreign Language Degree Programme Fee, in accordance with section 58, subsection 4

(fee for entire academic year)


Bachelor's and long-cycle Master's foreign language degree programme

Follow-up Master's foreign language degree programme

Doctoral foreign language degree programme




Comparative Constitutional Law; Comparative Corporate, Foundation and Trust Law; Legal Theory and Public Affairs: 12,500 CZK

Intellectual Property Law; Law of Information and Communication Technologies: 25,000 CZK


General Medicine: 380,000 CZK

Dentistry: 400,000 CZK




Data Analytics: 14,000 EUR

others: 3,000 EUR

Geography of Global Environmental Change: 4,500 EUR

others: 3,000 EUR

3,000 EUR


3,000 EUR

English Language and Literature; North-American Culture Studies: 3,000 EUR

Medieval Latin Language and Literature: 1,500 EUR

Visual Cultures and Art History: 1,250 EUR

English Linguistics; Literatures in English; Comparative Indo-European Linguistics: 2,000 EUR

Study of Religions: 500 EUR

others: 2,500 EUR


2,400 EUR

2,400 EUR

2,200 EUR


7,000 EUR




95,000 CZK

95,000 CZK




3,000 EUR



3,000 EUR

3,000 EUR

1,500 EUR




1,000 EUR

Allocated Fees by Academic Year

Study-Related Fee Allocation at Masaryk University

(in accordance with section 58, subsections 3 and 4 of the Higher Education Act)

Study-related fees are allocated for a six-month period by the faculty dean to students who have met the legally stipulated conditions. A written decision must be issued within 30 days following the establishment of a student's obligation to pay a fee. The fee allocation decision is delivered in writing by registered mail to a student's contact address listed in the Masaryk University Information System. Unless an appeal for a review of the decision is placed within a period of 30 days, the dean's resolution comes into force. The fee is due within 90 days following the delivery of the decision regarding its allocation.

Study-Related Fee Allocation Decision Review

In accordance with section 68, subsection 4 of the Higher Education Act, a student is entitled to request a review of the fee allocation decision within a period of 30 days from its delivery. Failure to submit a request for review within the indicated period will only be taken into consideration in exceptional circumstances. The dean may change or cancel an issued decision in justified cases (in case the decision is found to contradict university regulations). In case no such contradiction is established, the request for review is passed on to the Rector of Masaryk University. In case the request for review is found to comply with the relevant regulations, the Rector may (in accordance with section 58, subsection 7) decide to waive or reduce the allocated fee. When considering a student's request for a fee waiver or reduction, the following criteria are taken into account: study results, social situation, medical condition, participation in international exchange programmes and university representation.

The request for review must be submitted to the relevant faculty Office for Studies. All claims asserted by the student which cannot be verified in the Information System must be duly substantiated. A decision resolving the request for review comes into force on the day of delivery; no further legal remedies are permitted. Once the decision comes into force, a payment schedule may be requested by the student via the Information System. The university is under no legal obligation to provide such services.

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