Ukrainian Studies

Discover the euphonic Ukrainian language and the rich culture of Ukraine.

What will you learn?

The study programme "Ukrainian Studies" closely follows the tradition of a bachelor study programme "Ukrainian Language and Literature", which has been studied at the Faculty of Slavonic Studies continuously since 1993. The programme is designed to provide students with relatively complete philological education, supplemented with essential knowledge and skills in the fields, which will allow graduates to better apply in economic, cultural and journalistic practise.

It is assumed that the graduate of the bachelor study programme will be able to apply in more demanding administrative jobs, which require higher knowledge of the Ukrainian environment in both synchronous and diachronic context, to a general overview and knowledge of foreign languages.

With emphasis being placed on practical language skills, acquisition of basic skills of translation and interpretation, knowledge of the general and cultural history of Ukraine and the broader context and orientation in the contemporary economic, political and cultural situation in Ukraine. Besides the philological disciplines, students gain basic knowledge of economics, law and techniques of administrative work.

The specialized bachelor study programme meets current labor market demands in the way of students being prepared more practically for their future jobs.

The engaged form of study enables students to combine the programme "Ukrainian Studies" with another study programme at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University (also with the possibility of combination with study programmes at other faculties of Masaryk University) to gain broader knowledge, skills and interdisciplinary competence.

Practical training

A compulsory part of the programme is passing of professional experience in a business company, cultural, scientific or publishing institution in a total of 40 hours. For other forms of study, this practice is optional.

Further information

Career opportunities

The graduate will acquire basic knowledge of common and professional communication in the Ukrainian language in order to be able to conduct on a sufficient level of independent professional meetings in Ukrainian personally, by phone and, or by writing, to prepare written documentation, to conduct correspondence concerning the flow of companies and other institutions in the area of business and services, as well as to acquire and mediate the necessary production, business and general information from a foreign language environment using all information sources, including electronic media.

In addition to the general theoretical knowledge, the graduate acquires a general overview of economic disciplines and concepts. The graduate profile of the programme will make it possible to find employment, especially in the economic departments of business and manufacturing companies that require knowledge and ability to apply economics, computer technology, foreign languages, where there are very often lacking skilled employees. A graduate of the programme is also able to comment in the media on contemporary political events in Ukraine and to work in cultural institutions providing cultural exchange.

Study options

Single-subject studies

Students have a pre-defined list of required courses, which are supplemented with selective and elective courses. The student pays full attention to the single field of study chosen.

Combined studies

In this type of studies, the students focus on the main degree programme (120 credits) supplemented with another, minor, programme (60 credits). The student enrols in the degree programme in which he/she majors. Both the programmes are stated in the university diploma. You will find possible combinations on the websites of individual degree programmes.​ An exception is programmes preparing students for teaching professions, where both fields of study are equal and the thesis may be written in any of them.

Recommended combinations

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Arts

Ukrainian Studies as a minor degree programme

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Arts

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Education

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Economics and Administration

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Informatics

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Social Studies

Courses – curriculum examples

An example of your study plan:

Single-subject studies

Combined studies

Recommended combinations

Follow-up studies

A graduate of the programme is professionally prepared to study the follow-up Master's degree programme of Slavonic studies (specialization in Ukrainian studies) or related follow-up Master degree programmes.

Study information

Provided by Faculty of Arts
Type of studies Bachelor's
Mode full-time Yes
combined No
Study options single-subject studies Yes
single-subject studies with specialization No
major/minor studies Yes
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction Czech

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