Library rules

Are you in a rush to get to the library? Here is a brief summary of what you need to know.

  • Masaryk University has no single central library. Instead, it relies on an integrated network of faculty and other associated libraries:
  • In order to access library services you must register, i.e. accept the relevant library and operation rules:
    • Masaryk University students and employees may register online
    • Library users with no relationship to Masaryk University may register at any MU library checkout desk.
  • You can search the available information resources at:
  • To access library services, you need to use a chip card:
    • ISIC/ITIC for students/employees
    • Alumni Card for registered Masaryk University graduates
    • Library chip card for registered external users
  • Please return books on time – fines are charged for late returns!
    • Please note than for certain special short-term loans, fines for late returns are charged per hour, not per day!

Library Rules

User Registration

You must be registered in order to access Masaryk University’s library services. Internal users, i.e. students and employees, may register online. External users must register at a faculty’s central library (see list of Masaryk University libraries).

You only need to register once to access all faculty libraries. Moreover, internal users will thus gain access to library services for the entire duration of their studies or employment at Masaryk University.

Registration Fees

Registration is free for Masaryk University students and employees, Masaryk University Alumni and Friends Association members and Alumni Card holders. All other users are required to pay a registration fee in the amount stipulated by the Price List.

Library Card

The library card is used for borrowing documents and accessing additional library services. The library card may be one of the following: Masaryk University employee or student card (ISIC, ITIC, employee chip card), Alumni Card or library card issued by one of Masaryk University’s libraries (typically to external users).

Searching Library Catalogues, Loans Overview

Information on documents found in Masaryk University’s library collections as well as their availability may be found using the online catalogue or the discovery.muni service.

After logging in library catalogue, registered users may reserve documents, display an overview of their loans and due dates, request loan renewal and view library-related financial transactions.


Hard copy documents may only be borrowed in person at a relevant faculty library (see list of Masaryk University libraries). Loaned items must be returned to the library of origin. The loan period depends on document category user category as well as specific conditions stipulated in a relevant faculty library’s Regulations. Basic loan types include the following:

  • In-house loan: documents that can be borrowed and accessed only on library premises;
  • In-house loan plus: in-house loans that can be taken out of the library after a certain hour until the library reopens (typically overnight/weekend); the document must be returned to the library by a designated hour of the next workday;
  • Short-term loan: loans subject to a short loan period (typically one week);
  • Standard loan: loans subject to a standard loan period (typically one month);
  • Semester loan: study materials typically loaned out for a period of one semester;
  • Long-term loan: documents loaned out to employees for an “indefinite term” – based on their needs or until their employment at the university terminates (e.g. books purchased from grant or department funds).
Library Fines

Fines are charged for overdue items. Fine amounts are stipulated by the Price List according to loan type and overdue period.

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