Prof. RNDr. Luděk Matyska, CSc.

Director Institute of Computer Science

Office: C219
Botanická 554/68a
602 00 Brno

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Phone: +420 549 49 2101

Field of study: Computer Systems and Technologies

supervisor of doctoral students
Jan Fousek graduate 2018, topic: Techniques for Implementation of Neural Mass Models: Achieving both Efficiency and Productivity
Daniel Kouřil graduate 2015, topic: On PKI Usability in Grids
Jiří Matela graduate 2017, topic: Designing Image Compression Algorithms for Massively Parallel Processors
Jaroslav Oľha topic: Výpočetně efektivní implementace netradičních silových polí
Michal Procházka graduate 2015, topic: Towards User-Centric Identity Federations
Tomáš Raček topic: Efektivní algoritmy pro výpočet parciálních atomových nábojů
Lukáš Ručka topic: Numerical verification and optimization of physics-based soft-tissue models for simulations in medicine
Vít Rusňák graduate 2016, topic: Unobtrusive Multi-User Interaction in Group Collaborative Environments
David Sehnal graduate 2015, topic: Methods for the Analysis of 3D Structural Fragments in Biomolecules

Field of study: Informatics

supervisor of doctoral students
David Antoš graduate 2006, topic: Hardware - constrained Packet Classification
Jiří Filipovič graduate 2013, topic: Algorithms and Methods for Haptic Interaction with Deformable Objects
Lukáš Hejtmánek graduate 2007, topic: Distributed Storage Framework with Offline Support
Petr Holub graduate 2005, topic: Network and Grid Support for Multimedia Distribution and Processing
Jana Hozzová graduate 2018, topic: Accelerating Chemical Simulation through Model Modification
Dalibor Klusáček graduate 2011, topic: Event-based Optimization of Schedules for Grid Jobs
Aleš Křenek graduate 2005, topic: Towards Interactive Molecular Models
Martin Kuba graduate 2012, topic: SEAGRIN: Grid Infrastructure for Sharing Medical Knowledge
Miloš Liška graduate 2010, topic: Self-organizing Collaborative Environments
Igor Peterlík graduate 2009, topic: Haptic Interaction with Non-linear Deformable Objects
Tomáš Rebok graduate 2009, topic: DiProNN: Distributed Programmable Network Node

Field of study: Mathematical Informatics

supervisor of doctoral students
Hana Rudová graduate 2001, topic: Constraint Satisfaction with Preferences

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