prof. Ing. Pavel Zezula, CSc.

office: B404
Botanická 554/68a
602 00 Brno

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phone: +420 549 49 7992

Field of study: Informatics

supervisor of doctoral students
Stanislav Bartoň graduate 2007, topic: Indexing Graph Structured Data
Michal Batko graduate 2006, topic: Scalable and Distributed Similarity Search
Petra Budíková graduate 2013, topic: Towards Large-Scale Multi-Modal Image Search
Vlastislav Dohnal graduate 2004, topic: Indexing Structures for Searching in Metric Spaces
Petr Eliáš topic: Machine Learning Techniques for Effective Motion Data
Fabrizio Falchi graduate 2007, topic: A Content-Addressable Network for Similarity Search in Metric Spaces
Tomáš Homola graduate 2014, topic: Techniques for Content-Based Sub-Image Retrieval
Petr Kuba graduate 2004, topic: Data Mining in Object-Relational Data
Vladimír Míč topic: Hybrid Stuctures Similarity Search
Filip Nálepa topic: Event Detection in Data Stream
David Novák graduate 2008, topic: Similarity Search on a Very Large Scale
Jakub Peschel topic: Pattern recognition
Jan Sedmidubský graduate 2011, topic: Self-organizing Similarity Search - The Social Network Approach
Jakub Valčík graduate 2016, topic: Similarity Models for Human Motion Data

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