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Project information
Analysis of diversities of taxocenoses of leaf mining flies imagoes and its spacial and temporal dynamics in meadow and steppe ecosystems in the Czech Republic in comparison with agroecosystems

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1/2001 - 1/2004
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science

During 1995-1997 the intensity of adult occurrence of leaf mining fly taxocenoses were examined in the field and in glasshouse crops in South Moravia. Using appropriate values of abundance, Shannon-Weaver's species diversity indices were computed. The difference between SW indices of leaf mining flies taxocenoses in barley and in wheat cultivations was very significant, while the difference between indices for cultivations of fodder crops and pulses was insignificant. Comparison of the list of 79 species recorded with national checklists showed that 12 species were unknown in the Czech Republic so far. In addition, shortened descriptions of 4 taxa were given, which might represent species yet undescribed. In 1994-1998 sixty samples with emerging parasitoids (42,3%) were recorded. Altogether 32 species of parasitoids were recorded (braconids-13, pteromalids-7, eulophids-12). The taxa Chorebus sp. 1, Halticoptera sp. A, Seladerma sp. and Diglyphus sp. may represent still undescribed species. The aim of the current project is to gather representative amount of samples from steppe and meadow habitats and compare the results with those based on previously collected and elaborated material from agrocenoses.


Total number of publications: 8

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