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Ionising radiation as a tool in the investigations of the cell nuclear structure and in the development of new techniques for ecology and medicine

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1/2001 - 1/2003
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Informatics
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Institute of Biophysics
Institute of Nuclear Physics

Our recent observations on chromosomal exchange aberrations induced by fast neutrons in human lymphocytes suggest that the frequency of these exchanges between specific pairs of chromosomes is strikingly higher as compared with the expectation. We have found that this phenomenon is related to the specific structure of cell nuclei. Such structure is also responsible for the frequent incidence of some types of malignant diseases. Owing to these circumstances our findings are of great importance for several fields of science and also for practical usage. The main objective of this project will be further investigations of the radiation induced exchange aberrations between specific pairs of chromosomes with the goal to find their interaction probability. In parallel, structural studies will be performed and the results of both investigations will be compared. We have shown that the exchanges between some chromosome pairs can be easily detected using FISH. This finding can be exploited for more.


Total number of publications: 3

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