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Metodologické otázky výzkumu výuky cizích jazyků (METO)

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1/2011 - 12/2011
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Masaryk University
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Faculty of Education
Foreign language didactics, research methods, teaching, learning, quantitative research

The project is designed as the first reserach project realized within the framework of the new doctoral programme of Foreign language didactics. The current issues of the process of teaching and learning foreign languages will be addressed, with the focus on the research methods in the areas of both theoretical and empirical studies, data collection, data processing and interpretation. Methods of quantitative research, qualitative research, and action research will be dealt with.
The project results will enhance the development of field-specific research in foreign language didactics.


Within the frame of the project an analysis of research methodology in didactics of foreign languages was accomplished, together with analysis of current methods of pedagogic, linguistic and sociological research in the view of their synergic effects in the field of teaching and learning foreign languages. At the same time the specifics of research in foreign language didactics were identified and possibilities to apply various research designs were discussed. Both the analysis and professional discussions were held with the support of home and foreign specialists and purchased specialized literature as well as possibility of students´ participation in numerous home and foreign events considerably helped to reach the aims. The main outcomes of the project are: • lecture by foreign scholar about psycholinguistics and its research (prof. Peter Grundy, 8/12/2011) • lecture by the scholar about theoretical issues research in the field of foreign language didactics: doc. PhDr. Michaela Píšová, MA, Ph.D. (22/9/2011) • project participants´ presentations on home and foreign conferences • project participants´ contributions to conference proceedings and specialized publications • specialized book: Janíková, V., Píšová, M., Hanušová, S. et al. Metodologické otázky výzkumu výuky cizích jazyků, Brno: Masarykova univerzita, 2011 s články řešitelů z řad akademických pracovníků i studentů


Total number of publications: 12

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